Things You Can Only Find in Carstenz Pyramid Papua

Many people love to be challenged by the great mountain. If you love that kind of thrill, then you will need to go to Carstenz Pyramid Papua. This mountain is located in Indonesia and becomes the highest mountain in the country. As an addition, the top of the mountain, or the one called the Carstenz Pyramid, is the only place where you can find snow in Indonesia. For your information, the mountain offers you something a little bit different from many other high mountains that you might have hiked. That is because this mountain offers you many unique and interesting as follows.

The first and the most famous one is the Nabu River. This river is very unique because of two reasons. The first one is that the river is located in the height of 10,000 after sea level near Carstenz Pyramid Papua. The second is the river flowing against the gravity. Yes, the river is flowing from below to the top. Until this time, there is no explanation about this phenomenon since there are only few people who do the research about this thing. Either it is the kind of eye illusion or a kind of magic, no one knows.

The next one is the ducts. There are about six different species of ducks that live in the height of the mountain. This is something uncommon since ducts usually live in the warm places. However, those ducts live in the height around 12,000 after sea level and there are hundreds of them around the area. You can always find all of them in the same are in Carstenz Pyramid Papua. They are not going anywhere. Besides the duct, you can also find a kind of koala, but with the long tail like monkey. This kind of endemic animal is usually found around the top of Carstenz Pyramid.

However, what makes this place more interesting is that someone has ever found the salt water on the top of Carstenz Pyramid and some also ever found the clam fossil around the top area of the mountain. Can you explain what is going on the top of this place? However, one real thing for sure is that you can find many skulls on the top of Carstenz Pyramid Papua that is believed as the skulls of the ancestors of the place. This is something that becomes the main research of many researchers around the for related with this highest mountain in Indonesia.



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