Things You Need to Do in Derawan Island Kalimantan

There are only few people who know where Kalimantan is. However, many of them know where Borneo is. Yes, many people know Kalimantan as Borneo Island and that it has the largest jungle in Asia. However, do you know that Derawan Island Kalimantan is one of the best islands that you can find in Indonesia? Yes, this is one thing that many people miss from Kalimantan. This island has some nice looking islands that become the main attraction for many tourists, mostly from Indonesia. If you are thinking about travelling to the beach and looking for the best islands, then you might want to try this Derawan Island.

There are a lot of nice things that you can do in this place. The first one is to see the sea turtle breeding. Yes, with the nice looking beach full of white sand, you can expect to find many sea turtle breed in Derawan Island Kalimantan. However, you will need to find the best time to see this kind of rare event. As an addition, you will need to stay awake since the sea turtles bury their eggs only at night.

Another nice thing to do in this area is snorkeling and diving. Since you are visiting the islands, then you can expect to have many nice water activities such as snorkeling and diving. For your information, the underwater view of Derawan Island is very nice. As an addition to that, you can also find some species that you rarely find in many other places such as the red jellyfish and the smallest species of seahorse in the world. All of those things can only be found underwater in Derawan Island Kalimantan. Therefore, you should never miss that moment if you visit this place.

For the finishing, you can visit one island named Maratua. In this island, you can find the kind of nice but hidden lake with a cave on the centre of the lake. The view here is just amazing for many people. Since this is a lake, many people prefer to swim in the lake rather than to free swim in the sea. If you also have the same thought, then this lake in Derawan Island Kalimantan can be the nice choice to swim. Those are some nice things that you really need to do if you visit Derawan Island that is located in Kalimantan. Try to explore something rather than the lungs of the world in Kalimantan.


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