Things You Should Never Miss from Toba Lake North Sumatra

Traveling becomes one nice thing to do by many people. However, some people just do not have the destination for their ext travel yet. If you are still looking for the best place to visit for your next travel, then Toba Lake North Sumatra can be the nice place to go. That is because the view in this place is just amazing. With the natural view of the great Toba Lake, you will never regret your coming here. However, there are also some other things that you might want to do if you are visiting Toba Lake in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The first one is of course the Toba Lake itself. That is because Toba Lake is the biggest lake that you can find not only in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia. That is because Toba Lake North Sumatra has 87 km in length and 27 km in width. That is the average size of this great lake. If you are going to this place, then you should never miss the main island on the centre of this lake. Yes, there is an island on the central part of this lake called the Samosir Island. This is another thing that you should not miss if you come to Toba Lake.

The beauty of this island is just amazing. That is because the size of Samosir Island is almost as big as Singapore. As an addition to that, you can also find some other small lakes in this island. Yes, you can find two other lakes on the top of the Toba Lake North Sumatra. This is one thing that you will never find in anywhere else.

For your information, Toba Lake can be considered as one of the lake in the history. That is because the size of this lake is very big and the process how this lake is made is connected to the change of the world many years ago. This lake is believed to be made because of the super volcanic eruption that happened about 75.000 years ago. The volcanic ashes of the eruption even reach the Greenland in North Pole and Antarctic in South Pole. In fact, because of the eruption that made Toba Lake North Sumatra, the overall temperature in the world is lowered about 10 degree Celsius. That is because the ashes are covering most of the skies on earth. Are not those things interesting enough to pull you there?

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