Travelling to Raja Ampat Papua in East of Indonesia


Many people love to travel in many nice places. If you are going to travel to Indonesia, then you will surely need to go to the eastern part of Indonesia. That is because you will find Raja Ampat Papua, one of the best places where you can enjoy the beauty of the creatures under the sea. Yes, Raja Ampat can be considered as one of the best place if you want to go snorkeling, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world.


There are some interesting facts that make Raja Ampat becomes the most wanted place for those many who love to do snorkeling. The first one is that this place has about 75 percents of the total sea creatures that you can find in the whole world. This is one reason why the creatures in Raja Ampat Papua are very varied. In fact, this place has been filmed in the documentary movie that was played in Swiss Film Festival called Edis Paradise 3. In that movie, this place is called the Underwater Amazon in the World. That might not be too much since you can find 75 percents of the sea creatures around the world here.


As an addition to the creatures, you can also find a lot of islands around this area. The total island that Indonesia has counted is about 600 islands and only less than 100 islands that have been populated. That means, when you are snorkeling or diving in the area of Raja Ampat Papua, you might be able to find some small islands that are inhabited by the people. However, you will not need to worry about that since there is no chance that you will find the wild beasts like the one in Amazon that will kill you.


Some people think that the eastern parts of Indonesia are inhabited by a lot of ethnic groups that are a little bit primitive. That might be true, but not for the area of Raja Ampat. In fact, all of the people there are very modern and civilized. Therefore, you can find many modern facilities around Raja Ampat Papua while keep looking at the beauty and clean natural view of this place because of the civilized people in there. So, have you plan your next travel? If you have not, then why do not you try to go to Raja Ampat in Indonesia for your next travel?



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