A Classy City Yogyakarta That Is Good for Traveling

Iconic Tugu of Yogyakarta

Iconic Tugu of Yogyakarta

A Classy City Yogyakarta That Is Good for Traveling – Cities in Indonesia are all unique. Even if it is only separated by obvious city marker, the distinction between the areas is noticeable. Yogyakarta is one city which is very special, and it is also recognized by central government that Yogyakarta belongs to special region. People in Indonesia know this place quite well since it is unique especially for its tradition. People from other country also recognize this place nicely. Those people love to visit classy city Yogyakarta because it offers many things for anyone. It is possible to get amusement, education, work, and also partner in this city. Therefore, there is no wonder why this city is quite unique and famous.

Yogyakarta is a special region in Indonesia, and it can develop quite nicely compared to other regions. There is one historical datum stating that Yogyakarta was promoted to be special region. After proclamation, Indonesia stated that it was free from colonialism. That is to say that other kingdom standing on Indonesia land was at risk of betrayal. The proclamation recognized this, and once the leader of Yogyakarta agreed to contribute to Indonesia, the promotion was given. The process was not that simple, yet that was the cause why classy city Yogyakarta is regarded as special region in Indonesia.

This city is quite famous and recognized. However, there is supposed to be something that is very unique about this city. It is actually true, and the most special thing is education with culture. Education system in Yogyakarta is well-managed. There is one recognized university known as Gadjah Mada University. This university is a dream for middle school students since they really can develop their intelligence and ability here. People from other countries such as Australia also like to study here for learning Indonesian and Javanese. It enables them to learn about special culture in Indonesia especially in classy city Yogyakarta.

This city is definitely awesome destination for finding resource for culture research. In addition, other facilities provided in this region are also nice. The transportation nodes work well and scheduled. Indeed, it does not serve people until late night, but it functions well in work time. Other facilities such as hospital, marketplace, and amusement center are available here. However, the intensity is absolutely low compared to education and cultural facilities. The classy city of Yogyakarta is definitely a great location to visit. Its low-cost living standard is also great for those who want to have vacation for weeks or even months.

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