Aji Saka and the Man Eating King


A long time ago, lived a man named Aji Saka in a small village near the great kingdom of Medang Kamulan. That kingdom was ruled by a king who loves to eat a human every single day. This is one reason why his right hand always comes back to the kingdom with one man every single day, to be eaten. Because of that situation, many of the villagers are leaving Medang Kamulan every night. Slowly but sure, the number of the villagers in Medang Kamulan was decreasing.


One day, Aji was hunting around the forest near his village and found out an old man that was kicked and punched by some people. Aji Saka helped the old man by fighting the men who picked on the old man and realized that those men are from Medan Kamulan. Not long after that, Aji made that man into his stepfather and realized that something terrible was happening in the kingdom of Medang Kamulan. With the information needed about Medang Kamulan from his stepfather, he went to Medang Kamulan with only a piece of clothing rolled over his head.


Upon entering the forest area of Medang Kamulan, his path was blocked by many demons protecting the kingdom. With his bravery, fortunately Aji can deal with all of the demons protecting the human eating king in Medang Kamulan. Even though he has to fight for seven days, he finally able to go through the forest and meet the king. In front of the king, Aji Saka bravely said that he wanted to offer himself as the food for the king. However, he also demanded some parts of the land with the size of the cloth that he rolled over on his head for his people. The king agreed that offer and started to take out the piece of cloth rolled over on Aji’s head.


After that, something amazing happened. The piece of cloth that he worn on his head was getting bigger and larger until one point where the cloth covers up all of the area of the kingdom. When the king realized that he was tricked by Aji Saka, he was furious and wants to eat him at once. However, the gigantic cloth that covered up the whole kingdom suddenly covers up the king and buries the king inside it. After that time, Aji took his stepfather and all of the people in his village to live happily in Medang Kamulan.

Aji Saka and the Man Eating King | indonesia | 4.5