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Ari Lasso is his stage name; his real name is Ari Bernardus Lasso. Ari was born on 17 January 1973 in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia. Now, he is in 43 years old. He is a pop Indonesian singer. He once joined in DEWA 19 music band as a vocalist with Ahmad Dhani from 1991 to 1999. Then, he was dropped out form DEWA 19 group and now his career is an Indonesia solo singer. He is a son from Bartholomeus Bernard Lasso and Sri Noerhida. Ari first formed a group named Outsider when he was in Senior high school with Wawan Juniarso (drummer in DEWA 19 band) and Piyu (guitarist in Padi band). Then, he joined with a group band named Lost Angels Bands which is now later named Boomerang. Later, Ari joined with Down Beat band and then the group’s name changed became Dewa, and then changed again became DEWA19. DEWA 19 became a very famous group band ever. Almost the entire album which was released was sold in so many copies. In his very bustle activity with his group band, he could finish his study in Faculty of Economy in Airlangga University, Surabaya.


Since the release of Pandawa Lima album in 1997, the relation between Ari Lasso and DEWA 19 started to become inharmonic. The condition became worse when Ari started to consume narcotics and other ‘forbidden-medicine’ then he was dropped out by Ahmad Dhani and his position changed with Once. Although the condition is like that, Ari has become a backing vocal in Roman Picisan song in the DEWA 19 album of “Bintang Lima”.


After he left DEWA 19, Ari began to create his own solo album. Ari Lasso joined again in the Indonesian music world and collaborated with Melly Goeslaw which the album was very successful in the market. In 2001, Ari released his solo album by the title of “Sendiri Dulu”. It was also successful in the market with the most popular song is “Misteri Ilahi”. There were many famous and talented behind that album like Bebi (Romeo band), Bimo Sulaksono (Romeo band, ex-Neutral band), Andra (DEWA 19 band), Erwin Prasetyo (ex-DEWA19 band), Anto Hoed (Potret band), Bongky (BIP band, ex-Slank band), Andi Rianto and Denny Chasmala. In 2003, he released his second album by the title of “Keseimbangan”. In 2004, he also released his third album by the title of “Kulihat, Kudengar, Kurasa” which is one of the songs in that album became the soundtrack of a film with the same title, “Mengejar Matahari”.

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