Aryo Menak and the Lovely Goddess

A long time ago, in the eastern part of Java, lived a man named Aryo Menak. That man loved to explore the forest at any time. One time, when he was resting under the beautiful full moon, he saw some goddesses going down to earth to take a bath on the blessed well. Looking at the beauty of the goddesses, he thought that it would be great if he can take one of them to be his wife. With that thought, he took one shawl of the goddesses that they use to fly back to heaven. Being left alone since she cannot fly back to the heaven, one goddess was crying and he came closer to her. Saying that he can take a good care of her and get rid of her sadness, the goddesses followed him to his house.

After some times, Aryo Menak asked the goddess to be his wife. The goddess agreed with one condition. He should never take a look when she was cooking for the food. He agreed with that condition until some times later he realized that none of the food that he stored decreased at all. Because of his curiosity, he looked into the kitchen and found out that the goddess only cook a stone that turned into many different foods. Unfortunately, she lost her power after he took a look at the kitchen.

Because the goddess lost her power, she has to cook using the stocks that they have inside the storage. Day after day has passed and even though Aryo Menak was storing a lot of food inside the barn, all of them were decreasing slowly. Until one day, the goddess found her missing shawl on the very bottom of the storage. She was sad to realize that he is the one that hid her shawl so that she could not fly back to heaven.

After that incident, the goddess thought that it would be better for her to leave him alone and fly back to heaven to meet up with many other goddesses that used to gather with her. Upon leaving him alone on earth, Aryo Menak was very sad. That is because his curiosity, the lovely goddess that used to be his wife had to leave him alone. Right after that time, he became the explorer once more and learned how to cook from the stocks that he gathered alone in the forest.



Aryo Menak and the Lovely Goddess | indonesia | 4.5