Beautiful and Artistic Batik Solo

Batik is an art originated from Indonesia. This tradition art focuses on fabric dyeing to which images, color, and lines are drawn. Batik in Indonesia was not really interesting in 2000s. However, the popularity increased significantly until today. The popularity is not without reason. Batik was developed because some creators were making new designs, colors, and innovation around 2003s. From this moment, each variations of batik increased greatly. One nice model of Batik is known artistic Batik Solo. This batik model is named after its development region in Central Java. Some influences of this batik are derived from Surakarta Kingdom.

Batik Solo has different kinds of pattern. One well-known type is known as Parang Rusak, Barong, Sawat and Kawung. They are famous because they can only be used for the King and King’s family members. The basic model is similar to stairs. However, the edges are usually designed like curve, flower petal, or tail. The color tone is simply white and brown. Darker brown or even black is sometimes used as well for increasing artistic Batik Solo’s values. Even though the name represents weapon i.e. dagger, the model does not seem like a dagger from any point.

The next model of Batik Solo is widely known as Solo Slobog. Literally, Slobog means big or spacious. However, again, it does not represent the real appearance of the batik itself. Instead, it has very close gaps from one object to others. The objects are mainly basic shapes such as triangle and squares. They are connected together creating uniform pattern. This artistic Batik Solo is believed as giving wide opportunity for the dead to go to heaven. Therefore, this batik model is usually worn for grieving neighbors, family, or friends. As batik for expressing condolence, it is not dyed black. Instead, it is combination of black, white, and grey without color domination.

The next batik model is very cool. It is known as Sidomukti batik. Unlike other batik that is crafted from shapes, there is cool animal as object. The animal has goose body, chicken legs, Garuda wings, and peacock head + tail. Considering its name, this Batik has one meaning as eternity and prosperity. Therefore, it is commonly worn in weddings for expressing such prayers. This artistic Batik Solo is quite complicated, and it takes quite long time if made through traditional process. The complexity of color, object, and shape makes this Batik Solo awesome.

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