Beautiful Ulos in Modern Look

Beautiful ulos

Beautiful ulos

Traditional art in Indonesia comes in various representation. One of them is known as ulos. This cloth is originated from Sumatra, Batak to be more specific. Ulos is typically not an outfit that is worn to cover all body. Instead, ulos is worn as slayer covering shoulder and is draped nicely. This kind of clothing is similar to other traditional clothing from Sumatra known as songket. With gold thread as accomplishment, ulos is absolutely beautiful art that can be seen. Beautiful ulos, comes in various models. Typically, it is designed to meet traditional need. It is important to know that basically it is traditional art that is used for special situation.

The function of ulos depends on its designs or models. Some are designed to meet royal needs. That is to say, ulos is given for Kings, officers, government, and so on. However, such notion is shifted as upper class try to blend with lower classes. The most important thing to know is that ulos is also used for wrapping the dead. Beautiful ulos is no longer used for traditional events and situations. Its usage spreads along in the community with the intention of people preserving traditional art. As globalization comes Indonesia including North Sumatra, people do not always want to use traditional art anymore. Fortunately, there are some creative persons initiate the change of ulos in modern look.

Modern ulos undergoes several significant changes. One of the most fundamental one is through motif innovation. Typically the motif is similar to sarong clothing in which the color combination and model are based on basic shapes. Some models are also very simple by showing frame-like lines. Such model is then replaced with something more intriguing. Take one example of 3D art which is printed using designated pattern. It takes quite a long time for making a realistic object. However, the result is completely amazing. Beautiful ulos with this design is absolutely a cool way for achieving beauty.

As mostly ulos is worn by women, some additional changes are also related to this gender-specific model. Some cool ulos are inspired from some objects such as flowers. It really represents the ulos to be worn by women. However, it is not always the case. There are still various designs without any gender-related item. Take another example of tribal art which is quite representative of batik culture. This idea is commonly found, and is available widely. For those who are seeking for beautiful ulos, it can be ordered. However, it takes time it is created and is able to be used functionally.

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