King Mintin’s Curse for His Two Sons


A long time ago, live a wealthy king with a queen and two twins. The name of the king is Mintin. Unfortunately, King Mintin’s curse was left by his wife and made him very sad. In fact, soon after that his health is down gradually. Some of his right hands recommend that he needs some vacations. Because of that reasons, he leave the kingdom and let the twins to take a good care of the kingdom while he was gone. Unfortunately, even though they are twins, both have different thoughts about many things.


The first one is called Dragon, who loves to spend money for getting drunk and laid. On the other hand, the second son of King Mintin’s curse is called Crocs, who love to help people and maintain many things perfectly. However, because of these two different thoughts, they finally get into an argument about how to run the kingdom. Both of them stayed with their own opinion until they started to fight each other. What make things worse is that they are the only one that separates because of the conflict. The whole troops are also getting separated into two sides.


Having the bad feeling over his two sons, the king went back home even before he enjoy his travel. When he got back there, the king is very mad to see that happened. Many of them are fighting one another. However, what makes him really mad is that the twins are the main characters of the wreck. Right after that, the king suddenly says the King Mintin’s curse. The first son who likes to do many bad things is cursed into the real dragon to take care of the central island from many things that might attack the area. The similar thing happened to the younger twin. He was cursed into the real crocodile to take care of the river of Kapuas. Both of them have their own duty to do.


It does not take long for the curse from a parent to happen. That is because very soon after that, the sky is turning dark, the lighting struck on both of the twins, and they suddenly turned into the things similar with the King Mintin’s curse. Starting from that time, they all live happily ever after, especially when they have two guardians that take a very good care of the area from two different sides.

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