Loro Jonggrang and the Origin of Prambanan Temple

Long before the Prambanan Temple built, there was a fight between the King Giant named Prabu Baka and the opponent King Pengging. Many people believe that the King Giant will be the winner, but they are wrong. That is because upon the great fight the winner is King Pengging, with the help of his strong friend named Bondowoso. Because of his help, Bondowoso was given the land that he can rule on his own. Until one day, Bondowoso met Loro Jonggrang, the daughter of the King Giant. Even though Loro Jonggrang is the daughter of his enemy, Bondowoso wanted to marry her because of her beauty.

Loro Jonggrang, as the daughter of King Giant, a little bit afraid to refuse the proposal. That is because she knew that Bondowoso is the one who killed her father that becomes the very start of Prambanan Temple building. As the result, Loro Jonggrang asked Bondowoso to build one temple called Prambanan with thousand of statues and two well with infinite depth. Since Bondowoso is a very strong person, he agreed that condition. After that, he suddenly meditated and asked many spirits who become his friend to help him building the temple just like Loro Jonggrang asked.

After the long night, Loro Jonggrang took a little peek to the process of making the Prambanan Temple. At that time, she realized that Bondowoso would finish all of the tasks that she gave if Loro Jonggrang did not do anything. Therefore, she asked all of the women in the village to pound the rice just like they usually do in the morning and spread the lovely flower scent as the signal that it is morning already. Realizing all of those signals, all of the spirits that helped Bondowoso leave all of the job for Bondowoso to finish, but he could not do that.

Bondowoso was furious not only because he could not finish the task that Loro Jonggrang gave, but also because Loro Jonggrang is the one that tries to stop him from finishing the work. Being furious, Bondowoso cursed all of the women in the village into the spinster for generations. On the other hand, Loro Jonggrang is cursed and turned into a statue, the very big one that is placed in the centre of Prambanan Temple that you can see until this time and that is the origin of this big temple in Jogjakarta.


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