Paksian and Sungkon as Traditional Outfit of Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung is a blessed region in Indonesia because of its rich of cultures. For those who are seeking new outfit for wedding inspiration, referring to outfit worn in Bangka Belitung may work. The outfit of wedding is typically worn from one generation to its proceedings. It is known as paksian (read puck-see-un). This name is actually derived from the cap. However, it represents overall outfit, and it makes the dress is also called that way. Even though it is a traditional outfit worn in special occasion, it is actually okay to be worn in daily usage. However, the accessories accomplishing the outfit should be worn because they are just too sparkly. This traditional outfit looks modern despite of its basic idea is traditional.

Crafted using silk dyed in red, it really looks like an ordinary dress that people wear in both casual and formal event. The difference is that paksian is designed loosely. One main reason why it is designed that way is because it is worn by Muslims. They are not told to wear tight dresses, and that is why this traditional outfit is designed loosely. In addition, its length reaching just above the ankle is also based on religious matter. This dress is supposed to be look so common and ordinary. There is nothing special about this dress. However, it is false perception.

Paksian is not a plain dress with loose exclusive fabric. There are some nice motifs emphasized on the fabric itself. Typically, it is easy to find tribal art embedded on the surface. Some cultural aspects that are presented are triangle with subtle teeth surrounding it. It represents tree and other plants in Bangka Belitung. In addition, there is also image of flower representing beauty and fragrance. The flower that looks like starfish is actually emphasizing that Bangka Belitung also has beautiful beach to visit. All of those elements are combined together creating a perfect harmony for anyone who wants to wear it.

As the women wear paksian, the men wear sungkon. The cap differs slightly in size, embellishment, and additional accessories. However, the outfit that men wear is basically the same with the women. The difference is the material creation in which the outfit is not made of silk anymore. It is replaced to other materials since it is not allowed to wear silk in Islam. Both items are designed for different person, and each of them has its own meaning.

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