Purwokerto, the City Of Warriors


Some people may not realize that there is one great city in central java other than Semarang, Solo, and Cilacap; it is known as Purwokerto. This city is not really big, yet it does not make this city inferior. There are many things that can be explored thoroughly. Located in central java, this city is the capital of Banyumas region. This region is known for its special Javanese accent which is quite unique. Considering from the culture, the Javanese culture is still considerably respected. Many people here use special Banyumas dialect for having conversation with others even if Indonesia and foreign language are interfering this classic language. The city of warriors really preserves old and classic culture within, and it is basically a great thing to do because it is better intangible asset.

In addition to preserving basic culture of Javanese, Purwokerto also follows and contributes to the modern world. There are several modern cultures and technologies adopted by people in Purwokerto. One of them is definitely computerized and automated system in many sectors. This way, Purwokerto is still a convenient place to live for those who demand technology assistance in ease. The city is known as city of warriors because many soldiers striving for independence were born in this city. The city of warriors does not get its name merely for soldiers, but the term has developed significantly.

Still discussing about the reason why Purwokerto gets its name, the warriors are not limited to soldiers, police, or other law enforcement. However, the term has developed to struggle of students who study like a restless warrior. Purwokerto has one great University known as Jendral Soedirman University. Since Purwokerto is located in a small city, it makes sense that this university is considerably small as well. However, the students really show their passion to learn on their respective majors. The education in the city of warriors is developed from time to time, and it is a great place for seeking resource for research.

In addition to culture and education provided in this country, there are also some fun places to visit. One famous place is known as Baturaden. This place is in higher altitude exactly nearby Slamet Mountain, second highest mountain in Java. Baturaden is quite nice place to have vacation since it is cool, peaceful, and comforting. Moreover, there are additional places that can be enjoyed nearby such as mineral water stream believed to have magical power. Those definitely don’t cover all things related to the city of warriors. It is better to directly visit this city for knowing further.


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