Remarkable Banjarmasin to Visit

Banjarmasin is one big city in Indonesia. This big city is not located in java. Instead, it is in Borneo which is located in northern part of Java and Bali. The location of this city is quite strategic; it does not need to browse through the forest and jungle to reach Banjarmasin. This city is highly accessible since it is located nearby the sea. It is possible to reach this city using ship and airplane easily. In addition, the remarkable Banjarmasin is actually known as a city with thousands of river. It is actually derived from its geographic condition in which the cities are separated by wide rivers. This city can be quite big like today is not without effort. It takes quite a long time before it can be developed like now.


The story before the development is quite dramatic. It was all about the struggle of leader to conquer the land while gaining trust to his citizens. Regardless of its history, currently Banjarmasin has been in peace. The people are struggling together for seeking prosperity and glory. This actually leads to a problem in which there is not enough green open space for accommodating green trees. That is to say, the remarkable Banjarmasin does not have excellent breathable environment for its people. This problem goes more intense especially when summer hits Banjarmasin. The weather is extremely hot, and it is combined with high humidity.

Though the weather does not seem to be friendly for Indonesian who has lived in Java or other areas far away from equator line, it is still considered as acceptable. People in Banjarmasin could have just moved away if the environment is unbearable. The remarkable Banjarmasin is still a great place to visit since there are some nice places to explore. One of them is supposed to be the rivers. There are 117 recorded rivers in this city, and all of them are pretty wide. It is impossible to cross the river without help of technology such as bridge or boat.

Still talking about the remarkable river in Banjarmasin, there is another interesting place related to river usage in Banjarmasin; it is Pasar Terapung Muara Kuin. Literally it means Muara Kuin floating market, and it is derived from the way the market is established. The market actually consists of several boats floating on water selling things such as basic daily needs. This market is only one icon of remarkable Banjarmasin that should be visited.

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