Sangkuriang Legend and the Origin of Tangkuban Perahu


The legend of Tangkuban Perahu as one of the most famous mount in West Java can also be considered as the Sangkuriang legend. Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Sangkuriang with his mother named Dayang Sumbi in one kingdom in West Java. His father was cursed into a rabbit and Dayang Sumbi knew that fact, but Sangkuriang did not. One day, Sangkuriang went to hunt some rabbits around the forest with his dog, but when he told the dog to chase the rabbit, the dog refused. After Sangkuriang went home, he told his mother and his mother suddenly knock her on the head since she knew that the rabbit that Sangkuriang hunt was his father.

Because he was mad, in Sangkuriang legend, Sangkuriang left the kingdom and go for a travel. Dayang Sumbi felt so sorry about the what she did to Sangkuriang so that she prayed upon his coming. After many years of pray, Sangkuriang did not come home. However, with the bless of the God, Dayang Sumbi was given the eternal beauty because of her consistency. Unfortunately, the beauty is one thing that will be the disaster later on.

After some years have passed, Sangkuriang went home to the kingdom just to know what have changed. However, he met the beautiful lady of Dayang Sumbi and finally proposed her to be his wife in Sangkuriang legend. At first, Dayang Sumbi accepted that proposal, but when she realized the scar on his head because of the knock when Sangkuriang was a kid, she decided to cancel the acceptance. As the result, Dayang Sumbi said that Sangkuriang has to block the flow of Citarum River and make her a boat within a night. Using the help of the spirits, Sangkuriang started the work after the sun sets.

Scared of the progress, Dayang Sumbi asked all of her reinforcements to spread the giant red silk cloth on the eastern part of the kingdom that looks like the effect of the rising sun. Sangkuriang was furious so that he destroyed the blockade that he has made in Sangkuriang legend and kicked the big boat that cause the boat to roll over and up to this time, the boat that Sangkuriang kicked is believed to turn into the Tangkuban Perahu. From the outer look, Tangkuban Perahu indeed looks like a big boat that was rolled over so that you can only see the bottom part of the boat.


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