Serui Culture and Its Masterpiece

There are so many cultures in Indonesia, and not all of them are exposed from public. One special region that is focused today is known as Serui. It is basically a province located in West Papua, and is located nearby the sea. The basic culture in this area is mostly traditional. However, it actually starts to grow significantly in every year. However, there are still many traditional cultures are preserved especially by some tribes within the area. Their contribution to provide variations of culture in Indonesia is great. There are some unique items that cannot be found anywhere except in Serui. Serui culture is actually various. Some local languages there are also various. Even people from different tribe do not know other language’s tribe. Fortunately, Indonesian language exists for connecting them to develop this area.

Some excellent masterpieces that can be found in Serui culture are based on architecture. There is a traditional house known as Mod Aki Aksa or the house with thousand legs which is made of leaves, wood, and straw. This house is unique as it is created floating above the ground. The house is then supported by several poles made of hardwood. That way, the house can stand stout not eh ground. This way, it is impossible for evil deeds to come into the house since the power will be on the ground. This mystical belief still exists in West Papua, and it is important to talk to the elders before visiting one of this place.

The next thing is less creepy. It is all about fashion. Fashion in Serui culture is regarded as free-stylish traditional. It is called that way because people in Papua love to wear something that make them comfort regardless of appearance. The basic model of Papua fashion is similar from other regions. For the males, they wear an outfit that looks like a dress except its fabric is not loose. Coming in dark tone of red or yellow, it has brighter lining for creating motif. Completed with peacock feather as headdress, the males are ready to come in traditional rituals.

For the females, they wear a shirt – instead of dress – which is coming with nice necklaces. The skirt is then worn for completing the skirt. The creation is uniquely inspired from straw, and that is what the skirt look like. Indeed, it seems like a straw skirt, yet it is still beautiful especially with contemporary design. To sum up, Serui culture is very classic and traditional. However, some developments exist for creating more variety in cultures.

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