Some Models of Gringsing Clothing

Indonesia is in developing state, and there has been some infrastructures developed. However, there are still group of people preserving the old tradition for survival. They strong belief somehow makes everything believed real. Therefore, they stick to their belief ou acheter le viagra. One particular belief is lied upon a piece of clothing named gringsing clothing. This clothing is specially designed for accommodating people who want to conduct sacred events such as wedding, ceremony, and other rituals. Its ability as defense against evil power is derived simply from its name. Gring means sick/pain while sing means not. Not sick – as literally translated – actually means as protector. It is almost similar to what we know as charm as it has same fundamental aspect.

The basic story why gringsing is valued so highly because it had something to do with God in Hinduism. From that point, women were encouraged to be able to make gringsing clothing. There are various models or designs that can be picked. However, it is important to note that it is impossible to receive the clothing soon. It requires months or years for getting gringsing. The first step alone typically takes 4 months. If the first step is not continued to next series, it is guaranteed that the clothing will not be nice. There are some models that can be found as follows.

One cool motif that can be selected is known as Lubeng. It is characterized with presentation of scorpion as the design. Even though it is recognized as scorpion, the image is blended into flower. It is presumably to reduce creepy impression while wearing the showing excellence. This model is classified based on the flower size. The next gringsing clothing model is known as cecempakaan. It is actually derived from champak which is white-yellowish flower. This gringsing clothing is commonly used for some religious acts such as praying. That goes without saying that this clothing is very valuable item that people can have.

The next motif is quite weird but artistic. It is known as cemplong which means round gap. The basic design is based on collection of big flowers and smaller ones. The smaller flowers are spread or located surrounding the bigger flowers without touching them. The gap between big flowers and small flowers is then called ceiling. The last is very special. It is known as wayang gringsing clothing. The design is very complicated, and it typically takes up to 5 years to completely usable.

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