Songket Bali with its Unique Color Combination

Previously we have discussed the famous and exquisite songket in Palembang. This time, Songket Bali will be explained. The spread of this artistic weaving art was quite dramatic. Beginning in Sumatra land, this awesome fabric travelled to Bali which is basically quite far. It was possible since Songket was great commodity for trade in Srivijaya reign. Using the big ships for selling the songket, it finally reached to Bali land. This way, it is no wonder why Bali also has songket as its traditional weaving art. Songket crafted by Balinese people are completely different from what Palembang introduces. Generally, it is very colorful, unique, and complex.

Considering the first aspect, Songket Bali is very rich in color. It is unclear why it is like that. There is a possibility that it was influenced by Indians who love fabric in various colors. Until today, they wear such colors in various occasion. Moreover, since songket in Bali basically is a combination of gold threads from Indian and silk from China, it is no wonder why it turns out to be so colorful. Some colors that are commonly found in the songket are red, blue, white, yellow, and green. All of them come in brighter tone, and that means very bright fabric. In addition, the gold threads are inserted as border of lines or objects. That makes the fabric exquisitely glows and sparks.

In addition to be rich in color, songket created by Balinese represents Bali culture. Mask is one object that is usually selected for embellishing the fabric. In addition, some religion-based objects such as ritual jar – that is used for lighting – are also inserted. There is also a model representing spear-like weapon. All of them are different depending on the basic creator of Songket Bali.

Such models are basically only a few of overall motifs. There is another common motif which looks like a circle. Some circles spread regularly – and sometimes with channel of straight lines – are imbued in the fabric. Coming in various colors accomplished with exclusive threads, it makes the songket Bali highly exclusive. The temptation for wearing this rich-colored and fabulously-crafted item is definitely high. Therefore, it is recommended to find know exactly to get it. The price of this songket is comparable to songket Palembang. The price range depends on various factors such as complexity, details, creation time, and shipping. This way, it is undeniable that this luxurious item can reach up to $500 for its 2.5 x 1.5 meter measurement.

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