Special Food, Gado-gado Indonesia

Gado-gado Indonesia or it is so called as lotek in Javanese and Sundanese, is an Indonesian salad. The verb menggado or the term gado means that eating something without having rice. In Indonesia literary, gado-gado means “mix-mix” because it is made from the mixture of several kinds of vegetable, such as string beans, spinach, potatoes, chayote, cabbage, bitter gourd, bean sprouts, and corn.

Gado Gado Indonesia

Gado Gado Indonesia

The other ingredients are hard-boiled egg, tofu, and tempe. All of them are mixed with peanut sauce dressing and the additional topping such as the sprinkles of fried shallots, and krupuk.Gado-gado is quite similar with karedok or lotekantah; the difference from them is karedok or lotekantah uses raw vegetables as their ingredients. Another similar food is pecel from Javanese.The ingredients of gado-gado are divided into three kinds; they are the ingredient of peanut sauce dressing, vegetables, and garnishes and rice.


Most of flavors in the taste of gado-gado Indonesia are influenced from the mixture of its peanut sauce dressing or bumbu kacang. Gado-gado combines savory tastes, spicy, and a slightly sweet. The ingredients of peanut sauce dressing in gado-gado Indonesia seem easy to be made.The common ingredients of peanut sauce dressing are ground fried peanuts (but you may use kidney beans to make the taste richer), palm sugar or coconut sugar (if it is available, you can substitute it with brown sugar), chilies (it depends on your desire of spiciness degree), terasi (the dried shrimp paste), tamarind juice, lime juice, and water to dilute it. The traditional method in making gado-gado is by using ulekan or rounded flat stone and cobek (pestle.Ground first the dry ingredients, and thenadd the tamarind liquids to achieve the consistency of desire.


The composition of vegetable in making gado-gado Indonesia are very vary, but usually it uses the sliced, shredded, or chopped green vegetable such as cabbage, kangkung, bean sprouts, spinach, chayote, boiled young jack fruit, corn, string bean, bitter melon, and green bean. Then, it uses the boiled and sliced potatoes, sliced and uncooked cucumber, sliced boiled eggs, and sliced friedtempeh and tofu. All the ingredients above are mixed with peanut sauce dressing. Then, the ingredient as the substitute of steemed rice is called lontong or ketupat. It is glutinous rice cake. The garnishes can be with krupuk or finely-chopped shallot sprinkles. Serving gado-gado Indonesia is commonly not in hot or cold temperature.

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