Special Food, Nasi Goreng Indonesia

Special foodNasi goreng Indonesia, in literally means that”fried rice” in Malay and Indonesian, can refer to fried simply pre-cooked rice.a meal includes the stir fried rice in little amount of margarine or cooking oil, typically spiced and mixed with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), garlic, shallot,chili and tamarind, and it is accompanied by the other ingredients, such as particularly egg, prawns and chicken. There is also the similar one with nasi goreng which is served with ikan asin (salted dried fish) and it is also popular in Indonesia.

Nasi Goreng Indonesia

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Sometimes, Nasi goreng is described as the Indonesian stir-fried rice, although it is also famous in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. Nasi goreng Indonesia is called asthe national dish of Indonesia,although there are so many other contenders. It can be consumed in simple ways from a tin plate in the roadside of food stall, eaten it on the porcelain of restaurants, or collected it from the buffet tables in Jakarta dinner parties.


Nasi goreng Indonesia is distinguished from the other Asian fried rice recipes by the amount of kecapmanis (sweet soy sauce). The taste isspicer and stronger compared to the Chinese fried rice. Nasigoreng often includes the additional garnishes like bawanggoreng (fried onions) or (fried shallots) and krupuk to give it crispier texture.The main ingredients of this kind of food include pre-cooked rice, salt, sweet soy sauce, garlic, chili pepper, shallot, spring onions,turmeric, onions, nutmeg, ginger garlic paste, vegetable oil, palm sugar, and the slices of tomato and cucumber as the garnishes. Some recipes can add the black pepper, fish sauce, terasi (shrimp paste), or powdered broth as a taste and seasoningenhancer. Eggs can be mixed into the fried or fried rice separately, whether it is as telurceplok/telurmatasapi (the sunny side up eggs),telur rebus (boiled eggs), or also telurdadar(omelet). Originally, the optional choice, the addition of fried egg often is named as nasigorengspesialdenganteluror special fried rice mixed with the fried egg.


Nasi goreng Indonesia are often added with condiments in its ingredient. Traditional crackers and fried shallot are often sprinkled as the garnishes to give a crispy texture, the pickles are mixed to give a sour freshness in otherwise rather than oily dish, and whilethe chili paste is to give the zesty spiciness depends on one’s preference.Nasigoreng will be tastier if you serve or consume in hot temperature when it has just cooked. This serving way gives the better taste of the food.

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