The Historical Origin of Toba Lake


Many people in the world know that Toba Lake is one of the biggest lake that you can find in Asia. Theoretically, the lake was made because of the super enormous eruption that happened many years ago. However, there is a historical origin of this lake that only believed by the local people around the lake.


A long time ago, there lived a man named Syahdan in the northern Sumatra. He lived in a very dry area so that he could never plant anything since what he planted soon die. Therefore, he loves to go fishing during that time. Until one day, he caught a beautiful fish that suddenly turned into a beautiful lady. The Beautiful lady told Syahdan that she was cursed into a fish and will turned into something that touches her. Since Syahdan is a human, the fish turned into a human.


Upon his meeting with the beautiful lady in the small Toba Lake, Syahdan propose her to be his wife. The beautiful lady accepted his proposal with only one condition. Syahdan had to keep her secret that she was a fish before she met Syahdan. Syahdan agreed with that condition. After some years of their marriage, they have a little boy as their son. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the boy. That is because he could not stop eating. The boy will eat anything that his parent gave to him.


Until one day, Syahdan was going home after fishing on the small Toba Lake. Luckily, he went home with a lot of fish so that he can be relieved to feed all of his family member. However, all of the fish that he caught that day was not enough at all. In fact, all of the fish was eaten by his boy alone. Syahdan was furious so that he spitted out the bad words saying that he was the son of a fish. His wife was very sad to hear that words coming from his mouth. Because of that reason, she finally took her son to go with her and leave Syahdan alone. After that time, there came a small spring on the path where his wife and son had walked. Over time, the springs were getting bigger and bigger and became the big Toba Lake. That is the historical origin of one of the biggest lake that you can find in Asia. Which one will you believe?

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