The Story of Friendly Monkey in Lutung Kasarung


A long time ago, lived a monkey named Lutung Kasarung near the big kingdom. The king of the kingdom wanted to pass down the throne to one of his daughter, since he only has two daughters. The older one is Purbararang and the younger one is Purbasari. Unfortunately, Purbararang is very mad when she found out that the throne would be passed down to her sister. She thought that the throne should be passed on to the older one. As the result, Purbararang asked a witch to put a curse on Purbasari and suddenly all of her body was full of black ugly spots. Because of that reason, Purbasari was banned from the kingdom and went to the forest.


In the forest, Purbasari met many new friends, including Lutung Kasarung. The monkey is very friendly to her. Whenever Purbasari is sad because of something, Lutung will always be there to cheer her out. Whenever Purbasari needs any help, Lutung will always come to help her. Until one day, Purbasari saw Lutung meditated far inside the forest. Right after that, came some springs that throw a lot of water that suddenly turned into a pool. However, Purbasari was running away because she was scared.


Soon after that, Lutung took Purbasari to that pool and told her to take a bath there. Purbasari was very scared when she had to take a bath there. However, Lutung insisted so that she finally took a bath there. After she took a bath, she regained her beauty and all of the black ugly spots in her body were missing. She thanked Lutung Kasarung for what he had done.


Few days later, Purbararang was visiting Purbasari to show her new throne and husband. She was very shocked to see that Purbasari had regained her beauty. Do not want to feel embarrassed by the beauty, Purbararang asked Purbasari for the long hair duel. However, the length of her hair is far from Purbasari and Purbasari win the challenge too. However, Purbararang did not give up yet. She took the hand of her boy and showed him to Purbasari. After that, Purbasari took the hand of Lutung Kasarung and he was very happy for that. The amazing thing happened when Purbararang laughed at Lutung. Lutung suddenly turned into a very handsome man and Purbararang finally cried upon seeing that miracle. She was very sorry for what happened between her and Purbasari.




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