Wonderful Surabaya in Indonesia


Surabaya is one of great cities that can be found in Indonesia. There are three other cities that can be compared directly to Surabaya i.e. Bandung, Jakarta, and Medan, and Surabaya won the second place as the biggest city in Indonesia. This city is located in eastern part of Java, and it is definitely quite far from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. However, this city is really accessible because there is Juanda Airport which is always ready to send and receive mobile people. In addition, the wonderful Surabaya is nice to visit since there are many features that can be enjoyed whatever people want.

First of all, there are many sites that can be visited. One particular site refers to heroes struggling for the land of Surabaya against colonizer. Because of those heroes, Surabaya is also regarded as city of heroes. In addition to be city of heroes, wonderful Surabaya was regarded as excellent trading post. However, it is not seen clearly today since other areas in Indonesia are also developing linearly together with Surabaya. Regardless of that fact, Surabaya still holds its title as metropolitan city consisting many creative and competent people to develop Indonesia. Even though Surabaya is a big city, it still has cultural value that is really difficult to be eliminated. It is all about the story of Surabaya.

The story of wonderful Surabaya is translated differently among Surabaya people. Some argue that there were a white shark and a crocodile fighting each other for gaining power, territory, and position. The white shark lost the battle and crocodile led the place until now. However, there was another story telling us that those animals are just representative of particular groups of people. The words refer to Mongolian as white shark and Raden Wijaya as white crocodile. Those stories cannot be verified through anything, and yet it is still passed to preceding generations. Therefore, most people, particularly Surabaya people, still believe such story existed in real life.

As a huge city in Indonesia, there are a lot of places that can be visited in wonderful Surabaya. One of them will be Museum Bank Indonesia. Some may think it will be a boring vacation to visit this place. However, it actually offers animated and 3D view of stories which will not be boring at all. In addition, there is a massive shopping center providing various kinds of items. The items sold are not limited to particular group of people as the price range available absolutely varies.


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