Batam City with its Development

Indonesia has various islands with their own characteristic. One island is designed to be a recreational site while the other is supposed to be mining. While another island is proposed to be a tourism place, there is also an island specialized in industrial development. One island and city consisting designed for industry is known as Batam city. This city is not really big if compared to other cities such as Medan, Surabaya, and Bandung. However, the production level within this city is considerably high. Everything making this city developed is based on industry. There are several reasons why it could be that way.


First of all, Batam is located in very strategic place. Traders from other country will be happy to visit this city for selling some products before going to the main destination. They definitely will not risk anything – except time – to visit this city because many people here are ready to have trade. The second reason is Batam city is located nearby Singapore. As we all know Singapore is developed country, and being near with developed country is beneficial for Batam city. It is possible to make a direct trade which increases economic flow within the city. Batam is also regarded as a city with rapid development especially considering from its population.

The development in economic sector is strengthened through service. Many services related to electricity and water is developed quite nicely, and it is why Batam city is developed. Moreover, it is worth to notice that there are also some sites that can be visited for making Batam even more worthy to be visited. First of all, it is Barelang Bridge. This special bridge connecting Batam to Rempang and Galang islands is absolutely remarkable. However, the view is even more entertaining at night instead of afternoon. This is basically a nice site for looking modern landmark, and there is actually traditional site that can be visited.

It is known as Galang Refugee Camp, and it is still possible to visit this place. There is not too much thing that has changed, but some of them are still intact. This is a place for Vietnamese refugees who were running from war. There are surprisingly many features offered within this camp, and anyone is recommended to visit this place. Some features involved are related to education, health center, and entertainment. This place actually has been closed down, but it is reopened again. Those are some developments existing in Batam city.


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