Wayang Golek, Precious West Java Cultural Show



Indonesia, one of the countries, which is located in Asia known as the country with the millions of cultures. This country consists of many races with the very different culture each other. That is why this country sounds as the unity of many different cultures and races at once under the flagship of country. There is Wayang golek ; one of the output of culture that born and grows in Indonesia. This is kind of cultural show which is only found in Indonesia for sure. Have you ever heard about this show? Or maybe you ever saw it somewhere?


If you have not at all, let us introduce you. Well, this show comes from java; one of the islands in Indonesia. For java itself there are many part of java. Each part has its own name, language, culture and the output of the culture is also different. Wayang also divides into several kinds. Just like we mentioned before that different part of java there will be different output of culture as well. Here, we are going to talk about the cultural show that comes from west java. The full name is wayang golek; A beautiful and precious cultural show that comes from the province of java.


Wayang golek is performance that presents a role play that will be played by traditional dolls that made of woods. The wood used for making the dolls is commonly those that have good quality and the dolls will be dressed based on certain figures of a theme that will be performed. The role play mostly tells about the traditional history of west java legend like Sangkuriang. Inside the story, there are many problems such as problems of family, love and many other problems and sometimes, there is a war inside the story that makes the performance becomes alive. The stories of this performance have the great values related with social values, values about live and many other values that suitable to be the role model for us.


Inside the performance, there must be two sides of figures. The protagonist side that consists of many kinds, well – mannered dolls as the actors and the other side is the evil side consists of the scary dolls look with the bad attitude, mind and act. All those dolls are played by a person named dalang, a dalang mostly men. Dalang plays wayang in front of the big screen that be lighted from somewhere so the audience which see the show from the far can enjoy the shadow of wayang golek While the show is going, there is a typical instrument follow during the show. The instrument is called gamelan.


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