Bung Hatta, A Great Proclaimer of Indonesia

Indonesian people should have to know about their first vice president, Mr. Muhammad Hatta or Proclaimer father Bung Hatta. He is one of two fathers of Indonesian independence proclamation. There are so many things that can be learned from the story of his life. Bung Hatta was the young generation which studied on that period. He was studying in Handels Hogeschool Netherlands. He spend his time to study there from 1921-1932. When he was studying there, he joined a group which clled as Indische Vereniging with Douwes Dekker, Ki Hadjar Dewantara and Cipto Mangunkusomo. Not long after that, this organization was changed into the political organization. In 1923 Hatta became the leader of the Hindia Putera Magazine and lately changed its name as Indonesia Merdeka.

Different with some legendary heroes in Indonesia which fight with the weapons, Proclaimer father Bung Hatta tried to save his country by using his intellectuality. He ever became the leader of Perhimpunan Indonesia in Netherland. As the leader, he asked to join at the group discussion in Frankfurt Germany which discussed about against of imperialism, and colonial oppression for National Independence. His steps were not stopped. There were so many things had been done by him to save his country and made his country free from the colonialism. He had also been arrested and exiled to Digul for some years. He was not only felt suffer of the Netehreland Colonist, he also felt suffer by the Nippon colonialism. After his long journey to fight against the Netherland and Nippon, he finally met the bright spot of the freedom for his country.

In 1945, Proclaimer father Bung Hatta join with PPKI (Panitia Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia). In this organization, he with his team prepared for the proclamation of Indonesia independency. Finally, he with Mr. Soekarno proclaimed the independence of Indonesia in 17 August 1945. Proclaimer father Bung Hatta had chosen for first vice president after the proclamation and Mr. Soekarno as the President.

There are so many stories about his fought. Not only the stories and histories about his fought, as the young generation, we not only get some lessons from his fought to against the colonialism but also his characteristics. Proclaimer father Bung Hatta is known as the person who was very humility. He was a kindhearted man who willing to sacrifice for his citizen. He was always prioritizing the common needs than his private needs. He should be a role model for all of us.

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