The Biography of Duta Sheila On 7


Duta Sheila On 7 is his familiar name and he has a real name, it is Akhdiyat Duta Modjo. He was born in 30 April 1980 in Kentucky, United States. Now, he is in 35 years old. He is an active Indonesian singer from 1998 up to now. He is an older son in two siblings from Dr. Ir. Hakam S. Modjo. Msc. His father was a specialist of plant disease and a lecturer in Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. His father was indigeneous to Central Sulawesi. From the tie of his father, Duta is a descent from Kiyai Mojo; it is proved if it is watched from his family name. Duta is a popular vocalist from a famous music band; it is named Sheila On 7.


Duta Sheila On 7 once studied in Gadjah Mada University, took Technology of Agriculture Faculty in Mechanization of Agriculture Majority. However, later on, he could not finished his study and become a bachelor because he was too busy to play music and focused in musical world more. Therefore, getting a college degree becomes his interest. Duta got married with a model named Adelia Lontoh and from the marriage; they got two children, one daughter and one son. The daughter is named Aishameglio Duta Chiara who was born on 30 August 2004; her nickname is Aisha. The son is named Bima Al Ayman Modjo who was born on 9 October 2005; his nickname is Ayman.


In group of Sheila On 7, Duta and the other personnels released many albums in Indonesian music world. Duta himself contributed with many other groups and orchestras. He participated with Indonesian Voices to sing “Rumah Kita” song in “Tribute to lan Antono”. When it came to the 2004 year, Duta Sheila On 7 participated in an album of Erwin Gutawa which is titled “Salute to Koes Plus/The Siblings of Koes”. Duta sang a song in that album; the song is an re-arrangement of his own song titled “Bunga Di Tepi Jalan”.


In the early of 2005 year, Duta Sheila On 7 sang a song titled “Kita Untuk Mereka” with many other musicians. The song was showed for the victim of Tsunami natural disaster in Aceh, Indonesia. The song was created by Glen Fredly, another professional musician and songwriter. In 2008, Duta once became a jury of “Idola Cilik” in RCTI television station program from the first season until the third season (from 2008 to 2010).

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