The Early Career of Iwan Fals’ Biography

Iwan Fals’ biography start from his birth, he was born in 3 September 1961 in Jakarta. He was born from Lies Suudijah as his mother and Harsoyo as his father who at that time was a soldier. His real name is Virgiawan Listanto who becomes a professional and legendary Indonesian singer and song writer. The Time magazine named Iwan as a Great Asian Hero in 2002. When he was a child, he studied at SMP 5 Bandung and then in SMK BPK Bandung. He continued his study in the Sekolah Tinggi Publisistik and Jakarta Arts Institute. In the age of thirteen, he became a street musician who entertained in the wedding ceremony or the other special events. When he was in 18 years old, Iwan Fals, Bambang Bule, Helmi, and Toto Gunarto made a group named “Amburadul”. The group was not really successful when it released the album titled “Perjalanan” in 1979.

As one part of his career, Iwan Fals recorded several comedy albums after he won the comedy country singing contest. He sang with the theme of comic situation and his first album was “Canda Dalam Nada” (it was five songs A-side featured by Iwan Fals: Dongeng Tidur, Generasi Frustasi, Kisah Sepeda Motorku, Imitasi, and Joni Kesiangan while the B-side was consisted of Tom Slepe and Pusakan Jaya songs). The songs Kisah Sepeda Motorku, Joni Kesiangan, and Dongeng Tidur were released with the new one song; it was “Ambulance Zig Zag” in the Iwan Fals mini album, Canda Dalam Nada, while the Imitasi and Generasi Frustasi were also contained in “Yang Muda Yang Bercanda II”, the comedy compilation.

In 1981, Iwan Fals recorded his first solo album “Sarjana Muda” when he signed in Musica Studio. In this album, Iwan Fals showed his country signature style in music with the phenomenal song “Guru Oemar Bakrie” which tells about how teacher lives poorly in low paid but should still do the responsibility to teach in well-paid the future generation and successful people. The song of “Guru Oemar Bakrie” became popular and well-known in Indonesia, and helped Iwan Fals’ name to be known by people. In 1982, Iwan Fals was known as a protest singer but he was also a balladeer. The song titled “Galang Rambu Anarki” is a song which tells about his new born son but also it combined with the comment of the rising prices telling that his son would be malnourished if he could not be able to buy milk.

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